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Creation // There is something special about creation. It is like leaving a little legacy out into the world.

Colour // I love to be surrounded by colours, and I can be swept up by how different colours can make me feel such beautiful states, be it joy, hope, playfulness, power or peace.

Clothing // Every time you don a piece, it becomes an extension of your identity.

Creation x Colour x Clothing

To me, creating a combination of clothing with colourful prints brings about something magical because this is my piece of legacy, one that brings out a beautiful feeling in me.


If you could create your piece of legacy, what would you want it to make you feel?

What would this piece of legacy be?

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If you could create any print or clothing meaningful to you, what would you create?

Bleeding Heart Buds_For Print (4m and 1.


Have a symbol of strength, reminder, or something meaningful that you want to keep close to heart?

Create your very own digital print as a keepsake. These prints last beyond a lifetime, and you will always have the option to place them on different products and surfaces anytime you like.



Want to stand out of the crowd with a one-of-a-kind printed piece? One that looks exactly the way you want, fits perfectly, and makes you feel distinctly and comfortably you?

Make a special piece of clothing that is uniquely yours, where you get to choose the feel, the fabric, the print and the silhouette of your dress, jumpsuit, top, skirt or pants.

Clothing Rack_edited.jpg


Are you starting your own fashion label and want to start out with small orders before fully committing to bulk purchases?

 Come and bring your designs to life with us. You can try out some samples and if you like, we can even work together to develop a full capsule collection.

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Want to personalise something or find out more?

Drop me a note at:

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